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"The Last of Mary Moo Cow"

The Last Of Mary Moo Cow 1

The Last of Mary Moo Cow Title Card

Season/Series: 5
Number in season: 8a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 23, 2000
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Zoran Vanjaka
"Pet Peeved"
"Bitzi's Beau"
"The Last of Mary Moo Cow" is the first half of the eighth episode in the fifth season of Arthur.


When D.W.'s favorite show is canceled, she starts a petition to try to force her show to go back on the air.


At 3:30, Arthur re-sets all of the clocks to say it's 4:00 instead and he sits down to watch Dark Bunny. D.W. comes in and tells him that 3:30 is her T.V. time and he claims it's 4:00, not 3:30. However, she doesn't buy it and sits down to watch Mary Moo Cow. Arthur begins to say to the viewers that it's not best to come between D.W. and Mary Moo Cow and proceeds to show instances of this. At the store she rushes her mom, in the sand box she stops playing immediately and runs inside, and even the television repair man is rushed until she grabs the screw herself and quickly fixes it. Arthur then says D.W. would probably go crazy if she didn't have Mary Moo Cow to watch, even crazier. Within seconds after the Mary Moo Cow theme restarts, Arthur starts begging to the director to start the show, saying, "Wha-what are you waiting for!?! Quick! Go to the title card!".

The Last of Mary Moo Cow

One day, D.W. begins screaming throughout the house and everyone comes to see what happened. D.W. says that Mary Moo Cow is coming to Elwood City and a deliberately dubbed-in-sounding announcer says that she is coming on Thursday at Mill Creek Mall and Friday at Petey Pete's Pizzeria and Mary could hardly wait. When she says: "Moo to you!", D.W. says: "To you too!" and she then goes into a fantasy of Mary and herself as they sing to each other. And she flies D.W to her barn as it comes to an end. After the fantasy, D.W. chooses a costume and says that she will stay with Mary during summer and with her family for the rest of the year, while Arthur is in school. Arthur says that they won't put her in the show, to which D.W. says "Not they, she. Mary Moo Cow". Mrs. Read points out that a lot of kids are going to be there to see Mary. But D.W. already knows this, mentioning that this is why she doesn't want anybody to know she is related to Arthur, who allegedly hates the show. After she leaves, Arthur and Buster then cheer and begin to watch Dark Bunny!

At the Mill Creek Mall, they observe a string of children all walking away in tears. D.W. tries to comfort them saying things like "Mary can't see everyone." Finally, they reach the door, where Mom apologizes to D.W and has some bad news for D.W: Mary Moo Cow's visit to the Mill Creek Mall was cancelled.

Meanwhile, back at the house Arthur and Buster are about to watch Dark Bunny, but the intro gets interrupted when D.W. forcefully changing the channel to the Mary Moo Cow Show. After Buster and Arthur question this, D.W. soon chimes in with a harsh voice of explanation. "Mary couldn't come! All right, the party's over! It's my turn!". She also steals their popcorn, to their surprise (but not objection). Then, everyone finds out that Mary Moo Cow is cancelled!

That night, Mom and Dad try to comfort D.W. as Jane explains that cancellation eventually happens to all television shows. While Dave reminds her that she owns a few of the VHS tapes too. D.W. asks her parents if they were going to punish Arthur, but Dave leaves with the parting advice of "Think of all the other fun things you can do now at 3:30!". However, this just creates an echo effect, which quickly spirals into the fantasy sequence sound effect. In the fantasy, D.W. is sitting at the TV, flipping channels with the remote control, but all they're playing is white noise. She gets up and opens the door, the doorknob of which now bears a face. She walks outside, and we see that the structures now have faces too. She picks up a basketball which happens to be lying in the driveway and tries to dribble it, but it won't bounce. The inanimate objects explain to her that things would not be the same now that Mary Moo Cow has been cancelled and that the only TV show to watch would be Dark Bunny; in which all the faces groan in disgust.

The next day, Arthur plops down in the chair in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn, hoping to watch Dark Bunny. However, D.W. comes up and explains, "Mom says that I get to keep this time until I recover from my trauma!" Arthur comes out with his usual response -- he starts screaming for Mom. The program that's replaced Mary Moo Cow begins to play called Stock Market Today; which tells about financial matters. D.W's imaginary friend Nadine tries to get her to let Arthur watch television considering how boring this show is anyway, but D.W. claims it's still her time even if the new show isn't that great and that "If D.W couldn't watch Mary Moo Cow, Arthur couldn't watch Dark Bunny".  Eventually, the new show gives D.W an idea: When the anchorwoman mentions ".concerned citizens obtained five hundred signatures on a petition. When asked about their actions..", she makes a petition to bring back the show by getting her friends from preschool, sets up a booth to charge people 5 cents to sign the petition and even tries to enlist the help of Arthur to sign. However, he quickly decides not to since he is not a fan of Mary Moo Cow and D.W instead gets Baby Kate to sign with her handprint. D.W. mails the petition, and sometime afterward a response arrives in the mail. D.W. wants to know what it says. Arthur claims that it says that "Mary Moocow is still canceled. So you should let your brother watch Dark Bunny because it's still on the air." D.W. snickers at this and says that Arthur's funny. Mom begins reading the contents of the letter.

Dear D.W.,

Mary Moocow is very happy that you cared
enough to circulate a petition on her behalf.
Can you spell 'happy?'

D.W. is very disappointed with this. However, the letter contains an invitation to visit the studios of Channel 12: Home of the Mary Moo cow show. Arthur believes that D.W's petition didn't work since the show was still cancelled but D.W proclaims, "You just wait until I have a little talk with Mary!".

Both Mom and Dad take her to the studios of Channel 12 where D.W cries out, "I think you made a wrong turn somewhere! This isn't Mary's barn!" Mom and Dad explain that Mary's barn is part of a set, and this where it is filmed. Inside, while Stock Market today runs its next episode, a tour guide leads D.W and her family on a tour of the studios and points out where Mary Moo Cow always filmed her soft puppet shows. D.W is offered a Moo Cow soft puppet to add to her collection; but isn't very interested. She gets to what she believes is the point of her visit and says to the tour guide, "This is all very nice ma'am, but I do have a lot to discuss with Mary. So if you could just take me to her?" Unfortunately, D.W doesn't get her wish when the tour guide tells her that Mary was very busy and loses it. She cries out that she already had some of the stuff that the tour guide gave her and tells the tour guide "Arthur was right! He said you were just were just inviting me here to tell me it was still canceled!".She then proceeds to run off from her family to try and find Mary. D.W then finds the dressing room that Mary Moo Cow used and looks around to find Mary;  which is all decorated in cow-print fabric, but nobody seems to in there. Suddenly she hears somebody come in. "Mary?" she asks. But its not who D.W expects; its the woman who has been doing the Stock Market Today program who replaces the Mary Moo Cow dressing room sign with a "Patty Jones" sign. She talks to D.W. with  lots of interest. Initially, D.W believes that the woman was responsible for taking Mary Moo Cow off the air by asking Patty "What have you done with Mary?" Patty tells D.W that life works exactly the way that D.W is experiencing it: fir that sometimes people need a change and that Mary Moo Cow would return to TV someday. Once Mary did come back on TV, D.W would have the pleasure of knowing that her efforts with the petition helped. It's at this point that Mom, Dad, and the studio tour guide enter the dressing room. Dad tries to lay down the law by telling D.W that "You don't just barge in to people's dressing rooms". Patty Jones doesn't seem to mind though. They begin to leave, and Patty, in the voice of Mary Moocow accidentally cries, "Goodbye D.W.!" Then, switching back to her normal voice, "I mean, goodbye little girl." D.W. gasps. Mom starts directing her out of the dressing room. As they walk away from the dressing room and head back home, we hear Patty as Mary, again to the tune of "Frère Jaques" singing "Oh D.W., Oh D.W., I love you, Yes I do." "Mary," D.W. says dreamily

In the end, D.W's efforts did pay off, with an announcer stating that "The Dark Bunny show has been cancelled." Further episodes of the Mary Moo Cow show then proceed to return to the airwaves. Arthur freaks out at the scene.



  • In D.W.'s daydream when she imagines Mary Moo Cow in jail, and there is a song. The lyrics are "P-E-T! Something Something Something" although with that amount of letters it would only spell "Petiti", not "Petition"
  • With the coins that D.W. collected, they come in a variety of the colors gold, silver, and brown, meaning these are the type of coins that Elwood City uses.
  • Arthur's address is revealed to be 562 Main Street.
  • Arthur breaks the fourth wall in this episode by shouting out loud "Well, what are you waiting for?! Quick! Go to the title card!" This happened at the end of the opening seconds before the Title Card actually came, which is the Super Sister title card.
  • A running gag is D.W. taking away Arthur's bowl of popcorn and giving it to herself a few times (1 time with Buster in the scene).


  • When Patty Jones is putting on makeup, her mouth is on top of the powder puff.

Production notes

  • In the "And Now a Word from Us Kids" segment (retitled "And Now a Word from Us Zoomers" for this episode), Caroline and Kenny from Zoom take the viewers behind the scenes of Zoom. Also, there is no Arthur drawing in the "Now Back to" bumper for this episode as Caroline says "And now back to Zoom" by mistake.


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