(Arthur walks into his dad's kitchen, carrying a football)

Arthur Read: Dad, I got the ball! Let's play!

Nigel Ratburn: There's no time for play! We have a lot of work to do!

Arthur: Oh, uh, hi, Mr. Ratburn. I'm looking for my dad.

Ratburn Dad: Very funny, Arthur. Now put down that ball and help me stuff turkeys for the Crosswires' big party.

(Arthur leaves)

Arthur: Mom, Mom! I went up to the garage to talk to Dad, and Dad's not there.

Ratburn Mom: He was out there a minute ago.

(Arthur bumps into one of his sisters, dropping the football)


Arthur: What's going on? Where's my family!

Ratburn Dad: Arthur Ratburn, stop fooling around and get to work!

Ratburn Pal: Woof! Woof!

Arthur: (screams) Nooooooo!

(He wakes up. It was only a dream!)

Arthur: What could be worse than dreaming that your teacher lives in your house?

Mr. Ratburn: Arthur, if you don't hurry, D.W. and I will eat all the delicious blueberry waffles your dad made!

(Title card)

Francine Frensky: (V.O.) The Rat Who Came to Dinner.

Arthur: (screams)

D.W.: IHH!

(Back to the story)

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