"The Secret About Secrets"

DW tells the secret to Emily

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Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 3B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States May 17, 2006[1]
Flag of Canada September 17, 2006[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 2, 2006[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
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"Feeling Flush"
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"The Secret About Secrets" is the second half of the third episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


D.W. discovers that getting a secret is a lot easier than keeping one.


At the beginning of the episode, Arthur whispers to Buster about a secret that we can't know what it is. Then D.W. came in and asked what Arthur just told Buster, then Arthur told her it was a secret. D.W. tells the viewers that she is annoyed about everybody having a secret except for her and asked the viewers if they have a secret and she promises not tell anyone.

The Secret About Secrets

D.W. is annoyed that everyone has a secret except her. She goes downstairs to the kitchen and tells Arthur and Buster she has a secret. She is confused that they are not asking her who told her the secret and Arthur explains that the person who told the secret doesn't want their friend to go blabber to others and that when she accidentally reveals that she doesn't have a secret and just made one up. In her room, Nadine tells her that she can't go around blabbering to others that she has a secret cause then people would want to know. D.W. also point that Nadine didn't tell her she also needs a person to tell her a secret or else it's not actually a secret then D.W. gets an idea. 

At school, she tells the Tibbles that her mother told her a secret, and she can't tell it to anybody. At first, the Tibbles didn't care, but once D.W. said that their grandmother told her mother the secret, they pick up their "phone" to call her, D.W. jumps to get but realize it was a toy and scrapes her arm and the Tibbles ask if she is alright. At the nurse office, she gets a bandage and sees James in the office covering something behind his back. At first, James was nervous to tell D.W. what happened, but once D.W. heard the nurse calling James's mother to bring a new pair of pants because he split his pants and James tells D.W. to keep it a secret. D.W. tells Emily that she has a secret, but she can't tell anyone. Emily complains that she is D.W's best friend. D.W. is about to tell her, but then she sees James and so she says to Emily that she'll tell her tomorrow. That night though, D.W. wonders if she can tell just one person until Nadine points out if she does, then how would James feels. D.W. then has a bad dream that when she tells Emily, she spreads the secret around the preschool and makes fun of James which makes him upset.

The next morning, she says to mom that she feels sick and so Grandma Thora comes round to teach D.W. how to get rid of secrets. D.W. shouts it into a shell and throws it as far as she can into the sea. The next day at preschool, Emily asks D.W. what her secret is and D.W replies: "I know how to keep a secret". She tells Emily about throwing a shell into the sea.






Cultural references

  • In the prologue of this episode, D.W.'s family and friends such as Arthur and Buster are shown in a Brady Bunch style.

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