"Thora's childhood house" is not an official name.
Thora's childhood house
Thora's childhood house
Thora having a doll picnic in the front yard
Location Elwood City
Type House
Administrator Thora's parents (formerly)
Number of rooms At least 4
Residents Thora's mother (formerly)
Thora's father (formerly)
Thora (formerly)
Thora's brother 1 (formerly)
Thora's brother 2 (formerly)
Thora's brother 3 (formerly)
First appearance "Clarissa is Cracked"

Thora's childhood house was where Grandma Thora grew up with her family. It is implied that the family moved out, as Thora lives in a different house now.


The dining room bears a strong resemblance to that of Francine's grandfather's house, which also appeared in season 3.