"To Tibble the Truth"

To Tibble the Truth

Tibble the Octopus

Season/Series: 7
Number in season: 4A
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 11, 2002[1]
Flag of Canada January 15, 2003[2]
Written by: Gerard Lewis
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Don't Ask Muffy"
"Waiting to Go"
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"To Tibble the Truth" is the first half of the fourth episode in the seventh season of Arthur.


Fearing that they may one day end up in jail for lying, the Tibble twins swear to always tell the truth. However, it goes out of hand because the Tibbles are too honest, and alienate everyone else and each other.


In ancient Greece, Diogenes of Sinope arrives in a town, declaring that he is "looking for an honest man". He asks Arthur, who says he thinks he is an honest man. D.W., called Delta Omega, says that he is not, assuming that he has been lying for years about taking her snowball. She then gives Diogenes directions to where he can find what he is looking for. Diogenes arrives at a cave, where he finds the Tibble twins, who claim to be honest. The Tibbles fight over Diogenes' oil lamp, causing it to slip out of his hand, fall on the ground and shatter. Diogenes then regrets not looking for the meaning of life instead.

It all started when Buster was in the park eating ice cream until the Tibble Twins comes and wanted his ice cream. They lied to him saying they had a friend named Kevin, but he was taken away from aliens and never saw him again. Buster soon started to get suspicious of how can the Tibbles understand this. They lied again saying the birds told them and some aliens can turn into animals, and something you can understand the birds saying. Buster quickly ran away afraid and left the ice cream. Soon they started to argue who should eat it first and then they end up fighting and getting ice cream all over them. 

At the Molina's, see Vicita playing with a Mary Moo Cow doll, and her brother Alberto's Bionic Bunny action figure. They wanted the action figure since they saw the commercial that it can fly. They soon go to Vicita and lied to her that they got three ponies for Christmas and she will get a pony named Thumper if they give her the action figure. Vicita didn't want to at first, until Timmy said that they will give Thumper to D.W. then Victia quickly gives them the action figure. They throw the toy out of the window, thinking it will fly. The toy breaks, and they see Alberto and Mrs. Tibble looking back up at them. In the living room, Tommy said that it was the TV's fault because it lied to them. But Alberto points out that they also lied to Vicita about promising her a pony. Mrs. Tibble asks them how they will pay Alberto back the money for the toy, which costs $17.95. Timmy pulled out a small toy cow under the cushion sofa saying that it moos when you squeeze it, and it doesn't break if you throw it out the window. Alberto refuses the toy, because he is 13. Alberto made a deal with them: If they promise not to lie anymore, they don't have to pay back for the toy right away, to which the Tibbles agreed. 

They are now in the yard with D.W., and gathering rocks and Timmy have a plastic baseball bat in his hand. They told D.W. what Alberto said to them, and said that "they were the smartest kids he ever met." D.W. doesn't believe that, but Timmy said he didn't exactly use those words, but he meant to say that. Soon they gather plenty of rocks and Timmy tells D.W. they are playing rockball. They said that to play, they have to hit the rock as hard as you can, and Timmy gives D.W. the bat, and D.W. thinks this is not a good idea and if they are allowed to, but Timmy said that their grandmother doesn't mind because they said that they can't play baseball and plus, the game isn't like baseball and doesn't have any bases. Timmy throws a rock at D.W. and she hits the ball, but it ends up hitting Alberto. The Tibbles run away, while D.W. gets scared and drops the bat. Back in the living room, the Tibbles blame everything on D.W. Alberto does not believe them, and says it was their idea to play baseball with rocks and that it can really hurt someone. He tell them to stop lying to everyone. And before she takes off, D.W. says she wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in jail someday.

After a nightmare where they are in jail, the Tibbles agree to start telling everyone the truth. But their way of doing so hurts other people's feelings. Later, Timmy says he wishes he never had a twin, which causes Tommy's feelings to be hurt. Alberto passes by the Tibbles, wearing his bike helmet in case they were playing rockball again. He sees them playing on opposite ends of the porch, and Timmy tells him that he hurt people's feelings by telling the truth. Alberto says that they don't have to say whatever comes to their minds, and suggests that they be honest and nice at the same time.

Later at the park, they tell Buster that he is so nice and smart, and they hope to be just like him. He is excited at the thought of being a role model, and gives them some candy, although they take more than they mean to.







Cultural references

  • Diogenes of Sinope was a real-world Greek philosopher. Looking for an "honest man", he passes by the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

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