This article is about the soccer coach. You may be looking for Trevor Brown.
Trevor (Coach)
Age 19[1]
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Brown
Complexion Cream
Job Lakewood Soccer Coach (formerly)
Cartoon debut "Muffy's Soccer Shocker"
Voiced by Jacob Tierney

Trevor is the former coach of the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team. As a kid, he was excited to win games, but eventually learned that winning isn't everything.

His philosophy that "winning doesn't matter as long as you had fun" has made him not care about winning at all. Unfortunately for him, the kids were unhappy anyways since they never won.

In "Muffy's Soccer Shocker", he resigned as coach and Mr. Crosswire takes over. He made a cameo appearance early on in the episode "Waiting to Go". This speculates he either is now a background character, is an assistant coach, or "Waiting to Go" might be a prequel to "Muffy's Soccer Shocker". He was mentioned in The "A" Team.

Physical appearance

Trevor is dog with a cream complexion that wears a white shirt, a blue sweater that he wears over his white shirt, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers. He is has long brown hair and is pretty tall and has a silver whistle.




  1. "When I was your age, I felt the same way but now I'm almost 20, and I've realized that winning doesn't always make you happy." - Trevor to the Lakewood Elementary Soccer Team, "Muffy's Soccer Shocker"

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