Arthur from Ancient Egypt
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Complexion Peach
Residence Ancient Egypt
Family Papa Pharaoh (father)
Unnamed mother
Cartoon debut "Arthur the Wrecker"
Voiced by Michael Yarmush

Tut[1] is an Ancient Egyptian lookalike of Arthur, which he says he'd be like in those days.


He was told by Papa Pharaoh not to play by their new sphinx; Tut said he would be careful. He then accidentally broke the sphinx's nose off, and nervously laughed.



  • Tut is based on Tutankhamun, a real boy Pharaoh of Egypt.


  1. "Tut, Tut, I asked you not to play too close to our sphinx!" Papa Pharaoh to Tut, "Arthur the Wrecker".

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