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Buster Baxter

First Appeared (cartoon)

Too Much of a Good Thing

Tuvalunas are a type of cookies sold by the Kit Scouts once a year. Buster describes them as "not just coconut, they're coconut-laced cashew clusters, dipped in Oaxacan chocolate and drizzled with artisanal caramel. Oh, it's poetry in baking!".

Buster can't resist them and even saved up enough money to buy the family-sized box of Tuvalunas. He is known to gobble up the cookies in minutes and get sick afterwards. They also appear in Prunella's Tent of Portent

Behind the Scenes

Samoas® also known as Caramel deLites® are cookies sold by the Girls Scouts. These cookies are similarly coated in coconut, caramel, and chocolate and named after a Polynesian Island (in the Tuvalunas' case, Tuvalu).

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