Ungifted Title Card

Season/Series: 12
Number in season: 4B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 27, 2008[1]
Flag of Canada January 30, 2009[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom April 9, 2009[2]
Written by: Susan Kim
Storyboard by: Ivan Tankushev
"For the Birds"
"The Chronicles of Buster"
"Ungifted" is the second half of the fourth episode in the twelfth season of Arthur.


Arthur gives away a present that he had received from Buster.


Buster digs out an old model called The Grain Reaper that he found in the closet and builds it. However, he has trouble figuring out where the last piece of the model goes. Arthur comes by to tell Buster that they are giving out movie posters at the Mill Creek Cinema, but when Arthur gets a chance to visit the movie theater, Binky has already bought the last poster. Binky spots the model thresher and Arthur trades it for the poster. Arthur shows Buster the poster and explains how he got it, but Buster is unhappy. Arthur tries to make a sorry card for Buster, but he rejects it. That night, Arthur has a bad dream where the thresher's "mother" is invading Buster's house. Arthur desperately asks to get the model back, but the Tibble Twins destroy it on a little touchdown celebration by playing a little "offensive football" on a pass play. Later, Arthur visits Buster while his family is still having dinner. Arthur gives Buster the repaired model and Buster is happy again. The episode finishes with Buster choosing another model at a store. What will happen to this model?



  • The Grain Reaper is a reference to the Grim Reaper
  • Arthur's laugh in the title card is in a lower pitch.


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