"Unknown Female Cat" is not an official name.
Unknown Female Cat
Unknown Female Cat 1
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Brown
Complexion Brown
Family Mother
Cartoon debut "World Girls"

Unknown Female Cat is an unnamed character who made her debut in the episode "World Girls". In her debut episode she was seen at the World Girl World store along with her mom.

She made another appearance in the episode "Dancing Fools". In that episode she was in the dance class with the other kids and her partner was an unnamed boy.

Physical appearance

Unknown Female Cat is a cat with a brown complexion. She wears a white collared shirt, a turquoise sweater with red, yellow, and purple flowers over her white collared shirt, long gray khakis, and dark red and white sneakers. She has medium brown hair.

Episode Appearances


  • She never spoke in any of her appearances, although she can be seen chatting with her dance partner during her second appearance.
  • When speaking or standing she has the tendency to put her hands behind her back.