Vingo Frensky
Vingo Frensky
Gender Male
Animal Monkey
Family Francine's grandfather (grandson)
Oliver Frensky (great-grandson)

Francine Frensky (great-great-granddaughter)
Catherine Frensky (great-great-granddaughter)
Francine's cousin (possibly great-great-granddaughter)

Job Barber
Cartoon debut "Background Blues"

Vingo Frensky is an ancestor of Francine Frensky. He is her great-great-grandfather.

He was a barber and "advisor" to Abraham Lincoln, having "advised" Lincoln to trim his beard. It is unknown if Vingo Frensky was the one to trim it, but it is most likely, considering that he was able to keep some of the hairs. He kept these beard hairs in a box, which was eventually passed down to Francine's grandfather.

Vingo Frensky was mentioned by Francine when she was doing research for her family report in "Background Blues."

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