Virgule Watteau

Virgule Watteau

Watteau s16

Gender Female
Animal Dog
Hair color Brown
Job Detective
Cartoon debut "Phony Fern"
Voiced by Holly G. Frankel

Virgule Watteau is a fictional detective appearing in some of Fern's stories.


Watteau and her partner, Bastings, often foil the schemes of the Baron and the Grey Dove.

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Physical appearance

Virgule Watteau is an anthropomorphic dog with grey fur. She wears a white collared shirt, a purple vest, a grey bow tie, a blue suit jacket, blue trousers, and black shoes. She also carries a cane and a magnifying glass. Despite being a female, she had a brown mustache in her first appearance.


She is a quick thinker, usually disarming her foes by throwing something she finds nearby. She speaks in the third person with a heavy French accent. She is also allergic to peanuts.

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