This article is about the game as it appears on the show. You may be looking for the real-world online game.

Virtual Goose game play screen

Virtual Goose is an online computer game that Arthur and his friends enjoyed playing for a long amount of time in Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked. This game is very similar to Confuse the Goose. Arthur describes it as "This totally amazing new computer game we found on the web!" Sue Ellen describes herself as "Unbeatable" and the "Queen of the Virtual World" at Virtual Goose. In the series, Virtual Goose hosts its own website,



Arthur loses in a game of Virtual Goose.

Below are instructions in Arthur's exact words.

"There's this giant goose in the center of the screen and it spins really fast! And then it stops at one of the colored circles! And you have to shoot tiny balls in the goose's mouth. The more balls you get in, the more points you get."


Players Player 1 Scores Player 2 Scores Winner
Blackbelt44 — Suntzu49

Blackbelt44 — 7,256

Suntzu49 — 5,732

Antmuncher52 — Fourhand451 Antmuncher52 — 3,200 Fourhand451 — 4,350 Fourhand451
Blackbelt44 — Fourhand451 Blackbelt44 — 5,750 Fourhand451 — 6,201 Fourhand451
Blackbelt44 — Fourhand451 Blackbelt44 — 2,464 Fourhand451 — 5,321 Fourhand451
DisasterWarning99 — Fourhand451 DisasterWarning99 — 10,000 Fourhand451 — 8,000 DisasterWarning99


  • DisasterWarning99 - D.W.

Version 5.0

Virtual Goose 5.0

Part of the Virtual Goose 5.0

"Must be so good, they skipped versions 2,3,4!"
Buster, Best of the Nest

Virtual Goose Version 5.0 is an online computer game that is the second Virtual Goose game introduced in the show. It was first introduced in the episode Best of the Nest, where Arthur explains that since D.W. started playing, the original had gotten boring. The excitement is brought up again when Muffy tells Arthur, Buster, the Brain, and Sue Ellen that she has downloaded 'Version 5.0' and that it was "so cool". Arthur mentions this version of the game again in "The Butler Did It".


"In a time before time... in a place so remote it has never been seen before by upright mammals. The Virtual Goose layed 6 eggs, they were; Sporty Goose, Stylish Goose, Strong Goose, Silly Goose, Smart Goose, and finally.. just Plain Goose. Because of hard times, the Virtual Goose had to leave her six gifted children and pursue a career in online gaming. She vowed to return with fame and fortune. But before she could, an evil wind blew the nest out of the tree. Now these geese must fend for themselves. Alone in the deep dark woods, only one will survive. Choose a goose, pass the trials, and see if you can be The Best of the Nest."


In this fictional game, there are 6 geese characters/players to choose from. Arthur and his friends had chose each goose according to their personality.

Sporty Goose: Seen wearing a Karate gi (white robe) with a black belt and has a blue rim around the eyes. Francine chose this goose.

Stylish Goose: A girly goose who has short light brown hair, long eyelashes, and pink lipstick. She wears a light teal scarf, a purple jacket and skirt while carrying a white purse. Muffy chose this goose.

Strong Goose: A very muscular goose who wears a cropped red tank top and blue briefs with white star imprints. Binky chose this goose.

Silly Goose: This goose is depicted wearing a similar polo shirt as Buster that is blue and has a pink collar and a skirt. Buster chose this goose.

Smart Goose: A goose that appears to have just graduated, he wears a black square graduation cap with a red string while carrying a diploma. He wears a light lavender-grey coat and a striped tie on top of a yellow shirt and his pants are olive green. Brain chose this goose.

Just Plain Goose: Depicted exactly as Arthur, he wears round brown-rimmed glasses, a yellow v-neck sweater on top of a white collared shirt, and blue jeans. Arthur, having no choice, picked this goose.


  • Trial 1: You are faced with a rushing river. Do you fly across, wait for a passing log, or do the hokey-pokey? If you choose to fly across, as Brain does, you fall and get eaten by a shark.
  • Trial 3: You have come to a patch of mushrooms. Do you avoid the mushrooms, eat the mushrooms, or do the hokey-pokey? Muffy passes the level by eating the mushrooms.
  • Trial 10: Night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. Do you wrap yourself in dead leaves, cuddle with the crocodile, or do the hokey-pokey? Arthur was going to choose to wrap in the leaves, but D.W. chose to cuddle with the crocodile and the goose is eaten.

There was another level past 87 where you do the hokey-pokey to scare off a bear. There are also at least more than 87 levels.


  • Arthur and the other older characters enjoy playing the first version of Virtual Goose, whereas they dislike the physical Confuse the Goose because they consider it to be a "baby" game. D.W. and her preschool friends enjoy playing both games.
  • There is a gag that each question asked in version 5.0 has an answer choice of "Do the hokey-pokey", which actually was the right answer once: use it to fend off a bear.
  • Buster mentions that Muffy now has Version 29.2 in "George Blows His Top".

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