Season/Series: 8
Number in season: 5a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States September 19, 2003[1]
Flag of Canada December 17, 2003[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Julian Harris
Patricia Atchison
"D.W., Dancing Queen"
"Sue Ellen Chickens Out"
"Vomitrocious" is the first half of the fifth episode in the eighth season of Arthur.


Francine and the others are having fun teasing George about his nose bleeding, but suddenly Francine pukes in front of the entire school!


The episode starts off with Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Sue Ellen during lunch time talking about disgusting things as Francine doesn't like Buster's lunch. Francine brings up George, who just then walks by with his nose bleeding, asking for a tissue. Francine starts making fun of him and everyone laughs, too. Suddenly, Francine starts to make a strange face and then she throws up in front of the entire cafeteria. She is shocked that something like this would happen to her and she thinks her friends will think she's disgusting like George. At the nurse's office, the nurse tells her it is probably a 24-hour bug. At home, Catherine tells her that there is a "barf kid" in every class and that she wouldn't be surprised if they gave her a nickname.

That night, Francine has a dream. She dreams that Muffy and the rest of her class voted her as the most disgusting person of the year, and that they had given her a nickname, "Barfine". Then, she dreams that Mr. Ratburn puts her in a quarantine room with George. She wakes up, only to find that it's time for school. At school, Muffy, Buster and Arthur come to ask her how she is, but she thinks they're setting her up to laugh at her. In class, Francine sees everyone whispering and assumes that it's about her. Buster comes over to her desk and drops a brown paper bag on it. Francine, thinking it's a barf bag, throws it back at him, ending the scene with her stomach gurgling.

While at lunch, the girls are sitting with Francine and George comes and sits with them with a bloody nose. The girls scoot towards Francine. Francine pretends to start puking and they scoot towards George. This "proves her theory" that they think she's disgusting. She goes home and Catherine asks how her day was and if anyone called her "Barfine", surprising her as that was the nickname in the dream.

Francine goes over to George's house and asks him if he wants to get a milkshake with her. George goes reluctantly because he's afraid of being made fun of. She asks him how he can take being laughed at, and he says they don't laugh at her because she's popular. Francine doesn't think this is fair, just as the rest of her friends walk through the door. Francine feels like puking and she accidentally hits George on the way to the bathroom, giving him a bloody nose. Muffy, Prunella, and others start laughing at him.

Francine comes out of the bathroom and tells them that they shouldn't make fun of George because they're now both disgusting, and calls her friends out on their hypocrisy in laughing at him while doting on her. Francine storms out in disgust as her friends are left in awe of what she just did. They start handing George tissues and begin treating him with more respect. Francine doesn't feel like she has to puke anymore and learns that she shouldn't make fun of people.






  • When Francine throws up, the barf is not entirely seen, although you can see a little bit of it, and hear it splashing on the floor. However in the episode D.W., the Picky Eater it is.
  • The surgical masks from the dream are worn by the kids again (after My Dad, the Garbage Man) in Francine's dream sequence.
  • Mr. Morris was seen as a cameo in the cafeteria.
  • Food poisoning would be a disgusting guess for Francine, since the consequences of food poisoning would cause the person to vomit and defecate simultaneously; yet Miss Flynn states that Francine would barely be able to move if she had food poisoning.
  • This is one of the few episodes of Arthur to show blood, though it was not any sort of inappropriate content.
  • Despite the title of the episode, Muffy does not say "vomitrocious" in this episode.

Episode Connections

  • In the episode, Buster's Breathless, it already taught the viewers not to treat someone different when they're suffering from a medical condition.
  • Francine must have decided making fun of people was okay again, even though she learned not to in Draw! and Citizen Frensky.
  • The word barf was originally used in D.W.'s Imaginary Friend.


  • When we see George have his first nosebleed, his blood is the same color as his shirt, instead of red.
  • In the first shot of the kids looking through the nurse window, Brain's inside shirt was brown. Then in the next shot the inside shirt was back to normal.
  • When Francine said she didn't feel "nauseous" at the end, she actually meant she didn't feel "nauseated".
  • In one shot while in the nurse's office Francine is seen wearing purple socks but in the next shot she is wearing pink socks.


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