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Sugar Bowl waitress
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Job Waitress
Cartoon debut "D.W. the Copycat"

A Waitress[1] works at the Sugar Bowl. She offers D.W. a baby seat in "D.W. the Copycat", which D.W. angrily refuses because she was acting like Arthur and wanted to act grown-up. In "Arthur's Lucky Pencil", she tells Arthur and Buster about a "milkshakes for life" sweepstakes. Buster considered it an emergency, but Arthur still did not use the lucky pencil. Muffy asked her for her scarf in "Buster Spaces Out" to use as a fashionable parachute. In "Muffy's New Best Friend", she was working at a restaurant in Mill Creek Mall, instead of at the Sugar Bowl.


Want a baby seat?

—Waitress to D.W. Read, "D.W. the Copycat"

Are you interested in entering our milkshakes-for-life sweepstakes?

—Waitress to Arthur Read and Buster Baxter, "Arthur's Lucky Pencil"


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