Wally s15
Gender Male
Animal Giraffe
Complexion Cream (s3-s15)
Yellow (s16-present)
Family George Lundgren (owner and creator)
Neal Lundgren (creator)
D.W. Read (temporary owner)
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Dummy Disaster"
Voiced by Mitchell Rothpan (s4 - s7, APC, AIORnR)
Evan Smirnow (s8)
Eleanor Noble (s9 - s11, s14 - present)
Samantha Reynolds (s12 - s13)

Wally is the puppet of George Lundgren. He is a giraffe with four red bow ties around his neck (to accommodate for its long length). He is also dressed in a green tuxedo. George is a very skilled ventriloquist. When speaking through Wally, his voice takes on a much higher pitch and is able to lend an entirely different personality to him. Although he usually says negative things to and about George, George is actually just saying things bad about himself because he lacks self-confidence.


Wally's origin has been inconsistent throughout the series. In his debut, "Arthur's Dummy Disaster," George states that Wally was made in arts-and-crafts class with a little help from his dad. In "Fifteen," George remembers getting Wally as a Christmas present. Furthermore, in "Fifteen," it is stated that Wally is made of ash wood, although in "The Silent Treatment," Wally himself states that he came from an oak tree. However, in that case, it could have been Wally lying that it was his wood being destroyed to further motivate George.

Semi-Coming to Life

In the Season 13 episode "The Silent Treatment," during a dream sequence, Wally becomes autonomous and takes George on a trip through a world without him and we find out that Wally was made by either George, his father, or the combined efforts of both. Later in this episode, Wally is also saved from drifting off down the Mill Creek by Sue Ellen's speedy reaction.


  • Despite Arthur saying that ventriloquist dummies weird him out in Night Fright, he has no negative reactions to Wally, and even enjoys some of his jokes.
  • There are two different versions of Wally's origin in the series. In Arthur's Dummy Disaster, George says that he made Wally in Arts and Crafts class, with a little help from his dad at home. However, in Fifteen, George is shown receiving Wally as Christmas gift from his dad. He thinks it's a "giraffe doll" at first, until his dad explains that it's a ventriloquist dummy, so it seems that George had no part in making Wally in this version of Wally's origin.