This article is about the deer. You may be looking for the attorney.
Walter deer
Gender Male
Animal Deer
Family Father
Lizzie (sister)
Kathy (sister)
Sheilarae (sister)
Mary Alice (sister)
Dennis (brother)
Petey (brother)
Paul (brother)
Pat (cousin)
Kenny (cousin)
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Deer Friend"

Walter is a deer friend of D.W.'s. He made his first appearance in season 2, "D.W.'s Deer Friend". Later he makes an appearance in "D.W.'s Name Game". Then again in "I'd Rather Read It Myself".

Physical appearance

Walter is a medium sized deer with a crème-brown skin tone. He is a bit taller than D.W. His hoofs are a darker shade of brown. He has crème-white colored antlers and a pink nose.


  • The Walter that D.W. originally meets is a real deer, but in later appearances, he is seen in her fantasies and talks.




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