"We're Stuck in a Mine" is not an official name.
We're Stuck in a Mine
Kid crooner
Artist Kid Carter
Played in "Happy Anniversary"

"We're Stuck in a Mine" is a song sung by Kid Carter in an episode of the radio show "Kid Carter and his Sidekick Mistral" in "Happy Anniversary". The song was made up on-the-spot when Carter and Mistral were stuck in a mine (hence the name), and was cut off when Mistral interrupted Carter to remind him that they had to escape the mine.


End of the line, we're stuck in a mine,

Just a matter of time before we're cryin',

Yodele-he-hoo, Yodel-yodel-le-he-hoo,

Yodele-he-hoo, Yodele-he-hoo,  Yodel-yodel-leeeeee-- 

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