Lydia and Brain in wheelchairs


Lydia's schematic explained how to turn while staying in place

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels attached on its sides.

  • Lydia uses a wheelchair because she has been unable to move her legs since birth.
  • Brain had a wheelchair that kept his right leg raised while he recovered from an injury. He transitioned to using crutches soon after.
  • There is also a rabbit girl who uses a wheelchair.
  • Dr. Zimmer started using a wheelchair now that he lives at Shady Pines Retirement Home.
  • In D.W.'s imagination, she and Arthur would keep arguing with each other about the soufflé even when they were in wheelchairs and living in a retirement home.
  • Jenna helps out the wheelchair basketball team, despite not using one herself.
  • Mr. Ronzini uses a wheelchair.