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Collectable toy


Almost everyone

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"

Woogles were a fad in "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon". They later made a cameo in episodes such as "Desperately Seeking Stanley". They were a parody of Silly Slammers, which were popular around the same time this episode was released.


On the commercial it is said that they can squeeze, bounce like a ball, stretch like a snake, shimmy and shake,
and talk when you hug them. They can also be customized to wear outfits and other gimmicks, according to the commercials. These toys were super popular for a while in Elwood City, with most kids, and even the adults looking to buy every Woogle they could.

However, Arthur, accused them of being a silly baby's toy, and refused to buy them even as his friends kept showing them off to him. After a while, Arthur was seemingly the only person without one, and began to feel pressured into buying one.

Ultimately however, despite several attempts Arthur decided that he did not like Woogles and instead found another way to have fun; clicking the cap of glass juice bottles. Kids were fascinated by the sound it made and soon these became popular while Woogles quietly faded away as a popular toy.

Arthur eventually did get a Woogle as a gift from Grandma Thora for doing well on his report card, and he kept it afterwards, so he may have learned to enjoy them. However, they have since appeared rarely simply because the rave surrounding them is over.

A copycat toy known as Poogles was released around the same time as the Woogles in an attempt to ride the popularity of the latter toy. However, they had none of the features that made the Woogles so popular and were generally hated by kids.

Known Woogles



  • Narrator: Is it a toy? Is it a pet? Is it an ALIEN?
  • Kids: AHHHHH!
  • Girl: No, it's my Woogle!
  • Singer: OOOOH, They bounce like a ball, they stretch like a snake, they wiggle and waggle, and shimmy and shake. They smile when you hold them, and cry when you don't...
  • Woogle: *cries*
  • Singers: They're Woogles, Woogles, Woogles! They say something cute when you give them a squeeze, like
  • Woogle: Can I have a hug? Pretty please?
  • Singer: You can put them in hats, or even a dress... and they're better than pets because they don't make a mess! Woogles, Woogles, Woogles!
  • Woogle: Woogles, coming in every color of the rainbow (and then some). So, collect them all! Get yours today!

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