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"World Girls"

World Girls 41

World Girls Title Card

Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 9B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States May 25, 2006[1]
Flag of Canada September 25, 2006[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 20, 2006[2]
Written by: Hilary Illick
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Do You Speak George?"
"What's Cooking?"
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"World Girls" is the second half of the ninth episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


The girls anticipate the grand opening of World Girl World, which sells dolls from every country.


Muffy has become obsessed of Worlds Girls dolls. Each doll is dressed in the national costume of a particular country, and comes with accessories related to that country, along with a book accompanying each doll. Sue Ellen has one World Girl doll, Pema from Tibet. When they discover a World Girl World store is opening, Muffy and Sue Ellen invite Francine to come along with them.

However, nothing really works out. Sue Ellen is interested in purchasing an accessory for her doll, but when it becomes discontinued (including its whole territory), she decides on another solution. Francine ends up buying a doll at the World Girl Sports Hall of Fame (so she can get the book she came with), and a new "country" is opened every time the girls turn their backs. Later, they discover that the "Doll Hospital" leads to a secret factory where a machine copies each World Girl doll and just changes the outfits, exposing World Girl World as "a scam to sell worthless dolls".






Cultural references

  • World Girls are a parody of the American Girl dolls or Barbie Dolls.

Episode connections


  • Even though Muffy says she does not even have the Estonian doll, she somehow has the book.
  • Although there is a Hawaiian doll, Hawaii is like a country, it is a state of The United States since August 21, 1959.
    • However, the Hawaiian doll might specifically represent a Native Hawaiian girl. As Pema, the Tibetan doll, is from Tibet, which is part of China, World Girls might also do dolls for ethnic minorities found in certain countries.
  • There is a World Girl doll from Antarctica, but Antarctica is not a country, nor does it have any permanent or indigenous population. Sled dogs are also come with the doll, but dogs in Antarctica are only used by explorers and scientists, and are not actually native to Antarctica.
  • As seen in the very beginning of the World Girl World scene, D.W. Read is seen on the roller coaster without her parents.

Production notes

  • The song used in the World Girls TV comercial is re-used again as the song played outside the Yumbobo ice-cream shop in Brain Freeze.

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