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"You Are Arthur"

You Are Arthur

You Are Arthur Title Card

Season/Series: 5
Number in season: 5b
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 23, 2000[1]
Flag of Canada January 12, 2001[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom August 15, 2001[2]
Flag of South Korea February 27, 2001[4]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"The Lousy Week"
"The Election"
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"You Are Arthur" is the second half of the fifth episode in the fifth season of Arthur.


Arthur is training for and running a 3k race, with the viewer observing everything through Arthur's point of view.


Arthur begins the intro while reading a book he enjoys called Treasure Island and imagines himself in the story with Pal as Long John Silver. Then he thinks about pretending to be someone else, like Mr. Ratburn, leading him to want to try and switch places/roles with the viewer...

After the title card, Arthur gets out of bed to brush his teeth, only to trip on one of D.W.'s dolls in the process. Soon, he greets himself in front of the mirror, but D.W. tells him to stop wasting time, he needs to train and practice for the 3K race.

At the library, the Librarian asks him if he wishes to join or sign up. He asks how long it is and Brain tells him it may be too long for Arthur, but it'll be a snap for himself and his dad, since they run all the time. In an effort to defeat the brain, Arthur accepts the challenge and signs up without considering how long this is. And so, he goes to train himself, along with D.W.'s help.

She tells him to stretch before his trainers arrive, the Tibbles! He isn't so happy, but D.W. says if he can survive an hour with them then he's ready for the 3K race. First, D.W. makes Arthur run, but Tommy splashes water on him. Then, D.W. has Arthur jump rope, only to land painfully on the ground when he tells the Tibbles to stop their bickering but, she tells Arthur not to say stop because he need more energy to keep going. They then have him run to the tree, sandbox, pick up the purple dinosaur, then bring it back. They then leave as D.W. chases them! They stole her dinosaur!

At breakfast, D.W. tries to make Arthur eat a lot of food to gain carbohydrates, but she pronounces them as "crabs", but he isn't so sure and winds up with a tummy ache on the way to the race.

He begins to worry that the Library won't raise enough money though if he doesn't and begins to have an imagination spot of it. In this scenario, He imagines that the library loses its roof, because not enough money has been raised from the marathon. And so, he claims he's fine and still plans to run... D.W. claims she has something to settle his stomach, a hairy lolipop, resulting in Arthur getting car sick and having to get out.

Buster then meets with him and comments on how he looks different. Arthur told him about his tummy ache, but Buster then asks if someone is watching them from inside his head. Brain then explains his cool new shoes when Arthur notices them, Brain then comments on Arthur's shoes and then tells Arthur to just take it easy. Defeating brain in the 3K race is his incentive.

Soon the race is about to begin, Muffy tells them to wait though and quickly she grooms her hair for the reporters who are going to be showing up. The race then begins! Arthur is suddenly placed in last when his shoe-lace becomes untied and he quickly has to tie it. He then quickly begins to run, passing by Grandma Thora and eventually Brain. After taking the lead, Arthur imagines himself winning, having run the fastest time in Elwood history. However, Brain has managed to tie up with Arthur as he then passes him as Arthur becomes distracted by Muffy, who ends up falling over the fence and he stops to help her up. Arthur realizes that catching up to Brain in this point is futile, however, Arthur keeps running in hopes of not finishing in last and eventually he crosses the finish line! He thanks his family as D.W. tells him not to drink too much, he shouldn't practice on a full stomach. Arthur asks her about this and she explains that now he has to practice for the marathon.

Later on, Arthur sees himself in the newspaper and then he says he enjoyed being the viewer, but instead he wants the viewer to run the race and he'll be the one to watch TV.







  • This is the first and so far only episode in first person view.
  • Before falling over, Arthur jumped the jump rope 40 times.


  • Brain's name is on the sign-up sheet before he signs up. However, this name was spelled 'Allen Powers' instead of 'Alan Powers'.


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