Location Elwood City
Type Ice Cream Shop
Sells Ice Cream
Staff Mustard Seed (Guide)

Elderberry (Cashier)
Puk Puk (mascot)

First appearance "Brain Freeze"

Yumbobo is a new ice cream shop in Elwood City, across the block from the Powers family's Ice Cream Shop. It has whimsical flavor names, futuristic furniture, and a cute mascot named Puk Puk.[1] They grew so popular that Brain was terrified that they would put the Ice Cream Shop out of business, so he began adding incentives to lure people back to his store. It is possible Yumbobo has gone out of business.


Yumbobo's most popular feature is their Gelatinator, a high-tech ice cream machine which garuntees that all ice cream is cold. They also use waffle shell dishes to spoon the ice cream in.


Many of Yumbobo's flavors are exotically named versions of regular ice cream flavors, which they then charge more for.

Flavors include: Tahitian Trance (vanilla), Exocolato Intrigue (chocolate), Wimbledon Wonder (strawberry).



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